The White Bull - Part 1

The White Bull

The main street's neon reached the restaurant. The plate glass windows were papered in writing and fliers, and normally mixed in with the steam of customers and cooking. Not tonight, only one customer sat at a central table.
Facing the door, he attacked the plate in front of him. No rice or empty calories, just piled protein. He'd stopped inviting his friends who just are rice. Who came to an all you can eat Korean barbecue for rice?

The owner's face didn't show the awe at how much the foreigner ate. His wife had dubbed the man “fat white gorilla” but he knew that wasn't true. She'd never got used to the different physiques of westerners, and couldn't tell the difference between big and fat. Shoulders to fill the door frame as he walked in and thighs so muscular he always took a double table for himself. The man wasn't fat; he was a white bull on two legs.

The plate was on it's way to joining two predecessors across the table. The crane beak chopsticks rose and fell, round blue eyes moving from the plate to the tablet computer on his left. The browsing occupied some of his attention, occasionally drawing out the curse “low energy shit”.

Attention engrossed in grilled meat and effortposting, he didn't notice the suited pair until the restaurant door opened, it's sprung bell jumping to announce them. The younger of the pair could have been any of the plastic popstar wannabees with his feminine face and cockerel haircut. The elder's guppy mouth and balding head wouldn't have stood out in any fish market.

The restaurant owner had been expecting the pair, having heard that their firm was expanding. His place wasn't a gold mine, and the protection money they were sure to demand would push him closer to the edge. Wher before his face had been 'customer smile' now the emotion could be seen.

Pushing the third, now emptied, plate away the muscle man leaned back on his stool. He liked this place and always enjoyed it being calm on Tuesdays. Closing his tablet, a noise caught his attention.
It was the hollow strike of a metal bat on the restaurant's counter.